Thursday, February 3, 2011


Being that I am Pro-Natural..meaning I'm all for non relaxed hair..I've been searching around for products for my natural clients that will help define there natural curl. During my search I came across Mixxed Chicks. This product was designed by two women of color. Besides shampoo and conditioner, there is a list of other products in this line that boost about how well it will define your curls. To be totally honest I wasn't impressed. I felt the shampoo was drying out the hair and It left my client's scalp itchy. Even though the label claims to be "moisturizing" I felt it actually was the total opposite. I did however enjoy the leave in condition in MODERATION. I felt it did tame the curls and it smells amazing. I would recommend the leave in conditioner to anyone looking to tame there curls without your hair looking dry or hard..but that's where my recommendation ends..sorry : )

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