Monday, January 17, 2011


Lets talk sulfate. Have you ever looked at the back of your shampoo bottle and actually read the ingredients? If you haven't you should. Many shampoo's contain an ingredient usually labeled sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. Sulfate is basically bubbles. It's what makes your shampoo lather up when you wash your hair. A lot of people don't know the damaging effects this ingredient can have on there hair. Sulfate dries out the hair and strips it of it's natural oils. It can even dry out your hair follicles and lead to hair loss. It can also cause eye and skin irritation. It's best to use sulfate free products. They may cost more but it's worth it. Lean towards more natural may not lather up they way you like/or used to..but at the end of the day you'll be happier with how much healthier your hair is. Also, if you have color in your will be surprised how vibrant your color stays. Check out my product reviews..I posted a shampoo that's sulfate free. Loreal also just released a sulfate free shampoo that's easier to get a hold of..It retails for $6.99 you can find it Here

Monday, January 10, 2011


One of my main staples in hair products is Aragan oil. I love this stuff! Its light weight..moisturizing..De-frizzing, adds shine..a color booster..and smells great. I love to use it on hair extensions and wigs, especially if the hair has been used for sometime. The oil does a great job of restoring the hair back to a silky form. When I first heard about this oil a couple of years ago..I started using the Moroccan oil brand. I loved everything about there product except the price! I than found a cheaper alternative in Sally's! Can y'all tell I love that place yet? lol After working with the cheaper oil I felt that they worked the same and I've been using it ever since. I recommend this product for everyday use on every kind of hair texture. I stay away from grease and all products that are heavy. This product is just the opposite and It's a must have! If you want to try it out you can find the cheaper version Here It retails for $9.49. The more popular brand you can find Here It retails for $40.95.

More Where That Came From...

Me and my sister are only a year apart. We've been best friends from the beginning and are still crazy close. Since I decided I wanted to be a beautician, she's always willing to be my muse. You guys will be seeing many styles I've done on her..but this post is going to focus on a cut I gave her. I  did a slightly angled bob, followed by a semi permanent color in jet black.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Okay so I ALWAYS use a protective heat spray every time I use heat. It coats the hair, leaves it shiny, helps straighten, an most of all helps Protect from damage. I'm very careful when I pick  products to use. I never want to use anything too heavy. I stay away from petroleum based products. I found this product on one of my many visits to Sally's. It's called Ion straightening solutions. It's paraben Free and 100% vegan. I love it because it keeps the hair flowing and definitely helps with the straightening process..It retails for $7.49. If you use heat often it's a must can find it Here!

Getting Mom Natural

Growing up..My mom always took joy in keeping me and my sisters hair healthy. She would wash, condition and grease our hair every 2 weeks. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and I'm the one taking care of her hair! lol. My mom had been relaxing her hair since she was a teenager..but since I've started caring for her hair..I convinced her to go natural..She has been natural for over a year now and the results are great! Her hair got stronger, healthier, and started to grow much longer. Being that her hair is naturally curly, I showed her ways to wash and go or wear it straight. This is her progress. Love you mom


Continuing from my last post..This client also received highlights. Being that her hair is natural,I had more freedom with the color I used. Her hair is naturally a dark brown color. I gave her a base color of a mahogany brown, with three different shades of highlights throughout. After I shampooed and conditioned her hair..I blew it out with a paddle brush until dry..than I pressed her hair in small sections.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A great way to spice of your hairstyle is with color! A change of color can do wonders. It can brighten up your face, make you appear younger, or just spice up your appearance. Like any other chemicals, you have to take the necessary steps in order to keep your hair healthy and to keep your hair color vibrant. This particular client has relaxed hair, so I decided highlights would work best for her. Highlights are a great way to add some color without damaging the hair too much. They are a better alternative than an all over color. I used honey colored highlights to brighten up her face and hairstyle. I also did the cut.


About a year ago or so, I entered into a Halloween hair contest at the beauty school I attended. I thought it would be something fun to do and allow me to be creative. I decided to make a hairstyle into an actual pumpkin. I came in second place..I didn't mind being my good friend won 1st place. I know it's not Halloween but I wanted to share with you any way!


I've been wanting to talk about this subject for a while now. Relaxers! alot of women use them but don't know the truth behind them. A chemical relaxer is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair. The principal chemical used are Sodium Hydroxide or Guanidine Hydroxide. Both chemicals are extremely strong and it takes alot of care and dedication to keep your hair healthy, once relaxed. One of the biggest mistakes I notice with my clients is how they apply there " at home" relaxer. All of these box relaxers claim to have "NO LYE"..but the ingredient they replace it with (Guanidine Hydroxide) is just as strong and just as damaging. If you feel you must have one, the best way is to let a professional hairstylist  apply it for you. Some ladies may say its to expensive and prefer to do it themselves. That's fine, but it is very important to follow all directions when applying the relaxer. A BIG NO NO is after your initial first relaxer..meaning the very first time you got could of been 5 years old..It doesn't matter. You MUST ONLY relax the new growth EVERY TIME AFTER your first initial relaxer. This should be done every 6-8 weeks, depending on the person's growth rate. Applying the relaxer to all of your (previously relaxed hair) will cause major damage. I notice a lot of clients may have length and confuse that with having healthy hair..but there hair is thin and not healthy at all. It takes a lifelong dedication to your hair to make sure it remains healthy once relaxed. In my opinion, keeping your hair natural is the best way. You still can achieve straight styles without an relaxer. I will be posting a video soon to show step by step instructions on how to effectively relax your hair. I will also be putting up tips and products to help you keep your hair in its best condition...Stay tuned!


Hey Guys!
I'm going to do my first product review! lol. This Shampoo and Conditioner were sent from Heaven! I've been using it for awhile now and I love everything about them. It's called One 'n' only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. They are Sulfate, phosphate and parben Free! and smell so good. They leave the hair feeling silky, bouncy, and with shine. They retail for $9.50 each, which is very cost effective. I recommend this product for all hair types. It has just enough moisture for thicker drier hair, and is light enough to not weigh down fine hair. You can pick this product up at your nearest Sally's, or go Here to order from there website.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This client wanted a more professional haircut. She did not want to cut her natural hair, so we decided on a weave. This was a basic side part weave cut into an asymmetrical A-line bob.

Stay Tuned..

There's lots to come : )
So I'm just going to jump right in...This particular client wanted a weave. She wanted a style that didn't take a lot of maintenance to keep up. I always go for natural results. I decided to use a netting method which allows most of the clients natural hair to be braided away. Healthy hair is best. I use       a combination  of products, along with trims, lots of moisture and minimal heat to keep the clients natural hair in tip top shape.



So let me introduce myself...
My name is Tanisha..I'm from New York and I'm a hairstylist. I decided to make a blog to display my work and ideas. I will be posting pictures of my work, product reviews, photoshoots, Step by Step guides on your favorite styles, plus lots more.Hope you enjoy the journey. Lets Go..