Monday, January 10, 2011


One of my main staples in hair products is Aragan oil. I love this stuff! Its light weight..moisturizing..De-frizzing, adds shine..a color booster..and smells great. I love to use it on hair extensions and wigs, especially if the hair has been used for sometime. The oil does a great job of restoring the hair back to a silky form. When I first heard about this oil a couple of years ago..I started using the Moroccan oil brand. I loved everything about there product except the price! I than found a cheaper alternative in Sally's! Can y'all tell I love that place yet? lol After working with the cheaper oil I felt that they worked the same and I've been using it ever since. I recommend this product for everyday use on every kind of hair texture. I stay away from grease and all products that are heavy. This product is just the opposite and It's a must have! If you want to try it out you can find the cheaper version Here It retails for $9.49. The more popular brand you can find Here It retails for $40.95.

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